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Free Baby Stuff

Budgeting to bring up a new baby can make it all too clear how difficult it can be to stretch a family's finances to include the luxuries you used to take for granted. Fortunately, in order to help give you a little bit of a break, there are a number of companies that are willing to offer parents free maternity samples of products and services related to raising a youngster. Following are just a few such examples. If you do happen to encounter any other offers that are being made available to Aussie families, please contact us so that we may share them with others, right here.


- Offers new parents and parents-to-be a selection of free nappy samples.


offers an attractive trial pack for those parents and carers looking for an environmentally-sustainable option when it comes to nappies and wipes. For half the usual price, you receive 30 biodegradable nappies or nappy pants, plus plant-based, compostable baby wipes, plus a Malo Rash Creme or Rash Spray pack. It's not free, but all of this is currently available for just $29.95, making this an attractive price for those who prefer ecologically-sensitive babt products.

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