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Online Games

Have a hankering for some retro gaming action? How about playing a creative strategy game that hasn't sold a million copies and been franchised ad nauseum? Then free online games could be just the thing. These games range from tiny time wasters to highly addictive, challenging and deep works of entertainment. Many are inspired by arcade classics and games that were popular back when you had your first computer - whether it was a Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Apple Mac II or a pre-Pentium PC. So what are you waiting for? Crank up your browser, dust off your Flash and Java plugins and get going!


- Online gaming at its finest. Presents dozens of exciting online games, with categories ranging from Sports to Arcade Classics. All of the games present on N3XUS are playable within your web browser, without requiring the download or installation of any software. This means that they are playable on most platforms, including PC, Mac and even some smart mobile devices. Loads of fun ;-)

Cheat Chaser

- Love gaming, but hate getting stuck on a tricky level or slow upgrade path? Cheat Chaser is dishing up free game cheat codes, hints, tips and walkthroughs for literally 1000s of games. Their selection includes popular mobile games, all the way down to classic games for retro platforms such as the C64, Atari, Nintendo 64, orinal Playstation and even the Sega Megadrive.

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