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Other Freebie Sites

Yes, yes, we know. As much as you like iFree, we can't possibly satisfy all of your free stuff needs. As hard as we try to please, there are bound to be times when you feel the need to stray, to see what's over the fence, to check out the competition and to find freebies elsewhere. It's okay, we don't mind. Really. Go ahead and get your fix at the quality sites below. Just remember to come home to iFree when it's all over. You'll always be welcome here.

All-4-Free Freebie Tree

- The freshest free stuff site on the Web - and that's saying something, since this site has been active since 1997! 20+ years later and the Freebie Tree is still dishing up dozens of free offers weekly, in a variety of categories.

Dream Freebies

- Once billed as the world's biggest free stuff directory. It's unclear as to whether that remains the case, but Dream Freebies still features 100s of hot free items and discounts, many of which are available worldwide.


- A huge guide to webmaster freebies. Free graphics, fonts, webspace, email accounts, CGI scripts, promotional & maintenance tools are just some of what you'll find here. If you operate your own blog or website, the resources provided on Net-Ads will help to take your site's visibility to the next level.

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