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Free Money & Rewards

What could be better than free money? Well, there's love I guess. And peace. Eternal bliss wouldn't hurt. Still, free cash does have a certain ring to it. If you'd like to generate some quick cash and rewards to help make life a little easier, check out the following range of survey incentives, bonus programs, cash giveaways and contests.

Toluna Influencers

- Signing up with Toluna (for free) provides you with the ability to take part in a range of surveys, to create content and to optionally install a special browser add-on - all of which contribute to building your reward point balance. Reward points can be cashed in for either cold, hard AUD, or for gift cards from retailers such as Anaconda, JB Hi-Fi, Netflix and others. This program is available worldwide, including within Australia and New Zealand.

- This one's a little different from other reward-based websites, which is quite refreshing. Not purely based on survey responses, UniqPaid offers its members the chance to earn real cash rewards by signing up for free offers, visiting websites of interest, reading emails and shopping online. Membership appears to be open to people from any country, though some individual offers within the platform are only available to US residents.

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