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Free Streaming Video

Online video has been around since the dawn of the web, but it really came into its own when Google helped to make YouTube a family name in 2006. This, along with increasing broadband penetration and an increased willingness for content providers to publish video online has made the internet a major slice in the video consumption pie. Explore some of the best streaming media, video-on-demand and downloadable video services below.

Documentary Universe

- If you're a fan of true crime docos, explorations of history, the unpacking of recent scientific breakthroughs, or you love to learn while relaxing in front of a streaming documentary, this is the site for you. While there are now a number of subscription-based documentary streaming services online, Documentary Universe provides its visitors with access to 100s of full-length documentaries at absolutely no cost. They don't even require that you register in order to start streamingm making it super easy to jump in and start broadening your horizons right away. Enjoy!

- This website is somewhat like the Netflix of movie previews. It provides film fans with easy, free access to hundreds of film trailers - both for recent and upcoming releases, and classic films. The site also contains reviews of each trailer.

Founder Flix

- For those who are interested in starting or growing their own business, this site is a wonderful resource. It contains a huge collection of free documentaries, biographies and video tutorials designed to help entrepreneurs, marketers and small business owners to succeed.

SBS OnDemand

- You've all heard of the brand, and you know their content is available free for Australians, but did you know how expansive their collection really is? Sign up for a free account and log in to SBS OnDemand to find hundreds of movies, TV series, documentaries and more. Their feature films range from obscure indie gems, to international cinema, Australian classics and Hollywood blockbusters. If you're thinking of cutting back on expenses by pausing Netflix, Stan or Prime Video, you might find that this alternative free streaming service fills the gap surprisingly well.

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