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Support Charities for Free

Do you want to make a difference to the world, right here and right now? Astoundingly, the following services enable you to do just that. Many, being supported by advertisers who receive exposure when you interact with their websites, donate to worthy causes at no monetary cost to you. All they require is that you take the time to visit their website and click on a single button. Of course, supporting their advertisers helps to ensure the longevity of the model, but positive impact will be made simply through the act of a single click.

The Animal Rescue Site

- gives you the ability to make a contribution to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals. Simply click on a link and the company operating this site will provide pet food to a rescued animal.

The Breast Cancer Site

- Provide funds that support the provision of free mammograms to underprivileged women by visiting this site and clicking to donate. Donations are paid for by advertisers, but you have to view their ads in order for the funds to reach their target.

The Hunger Site

- Feed a needy person with one click! Your click is paid for by corporate sponsors, whose money goes directly to the United Nations World Food Programme. An essential daily visit!

The Literacy Site

- buys millions of books annually to assist in building children's reading skills and interest in literature. Click for free to help this cause.

The Rainforest Site

- By the owners of The Hunger Site. Your click pays for several square feet of rainforest. Corporate sponsors agree to purchase land in South and Central America, and to protect this from destruction.

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