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Free Email Accounts

If you don't yet have an email account, or want the freedom offered by a flexible web-based account that you can access anywhere, anytime and regardless of which internet service provider you're using at the time, then this is the place for you. Check out the following list of suppliers; each of whom offers free web-based email accounts or forwarding services. Some of these offer you the choice of a range of different domain name extensions to help ensure that your email address matches your personality, or the image you'd like to portray. These services can also be very handy when used as backup or secondary email accounts to help reduce the amount of spam that is attracted to your primary mailbox, or to keep your work email free of personal emails.


- Although newer than Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail, Google's Gmail service has become wildly popular, to the extent that it's likely the most actively used free email service at present. The service offers plenty of free email space, plus access to a free online calendar, and a range of other Google services. (formerly Hotmail)

- is the grand-daddy of free, web-based email providers. Featuring powerful virus-scanning tools and huge storage allotments, Microsoft's is the email provider of choice for many Australians. If you need an email account that you can use from any net-connected computer, this is an ideal choice. As with Gooel's service, this also complete with free online calendar access.

- Although not as popular as some of the other players, this free email service comes with the benefit of allowing you to utilise one of their selection of custom domain names within your email address. Options include,,, and many more.

Yahoo! Mail

- One of the oldest free email services on the web, Yahoo!'s offering provides access to abundant space, powerful anti-spam features and built-in virus scanning, all with an easy-to-use browser-based mail interface.

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