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Holiday-Themed Freebies

There are many times of year that we get together to celebrate the best that life has to offer. Whether you adore Christmas and Easter, or Halloween's more your style, no doubt your festive occasion of choice will be made even brighter when adorned by free stuff. Check out the sites below to access free holiday-related goodies, including craft ideas, recipes, festive fonts, free web graphics, printable colouring pages, jokes and so much more.

Mother's Day Recipes

- The team over at health Food Recipe have culinary creation concepts ready for every special occasion, including Easter recipes, healthy Halloween delights, Christmas heart-warmers and more, but their collection of Mother's Day recipes is especially tempting. If you'd like to deliver a pleasant surprise for the special woman in your life this Mother's Day, there's few experiences that can compare to a home-cooked meal from the heart.

- Includes instructions for several different festive craft creations, as well as a fun range of Christmas images for kids to print and color.

- Having trouble remembering the words to last year's carols? Fear no more, features the lyrics to all of your favorite carols, songs and popular hymns.

- Your source for free yuletide clipart, animated GIFs and web graphics. Their range of festive graphics depicting bells, candles, reindeer, invitation frames, dividing lines, holly, Santa figures and religious iconography is just the thing for jazzing up your social media images or hand-made Christmas cards this year.

ALL-4-FREE Christmas Fonts

- Jazz up your Christmas invitations, cards, crafts and websites with one of the free festive fonts found at this site.

Cupid's Freebies

- A guide to free products and services available to lovers before and during Valentine's Day.


- An archive of downloadable Easter-related goodies. Includes screensavers, Desktop Themes, games, programs, music and more.

Easter Humor

- If you're looking for a family-friendly chuckle in the lead-up to this Easter, check out Easter Humor's hilarious range of funny Easter stories, cringe-inducing dad jokes, puntastic knock-knock jokes and humorous images. It'll crack you up. :)

Halloween Graphics

- Home to a diverse range of free spooky web graphics, including Halloween backgrounds and wallpapers, images of black cats, bats, witches, ghouls, ghosts and so much more.

Festive Freebies

- A huge directory of links to purely holiday-related free stuff; such as screensavers, recipes, crafts, clipart and more.

XMAS Downloads

- Presents several Christmas screensavers, desktop themes, games and other programs that are freely available for downloading.


- A great range of freeware and shareware typefaces to help you express your Christmas spirit!

- Christmas funnies for your enjoyment. Free Christmas jokes, one-liners, funny stories and amusing images all feature here.


- Contains a range of free festive recipes to help spice up your Christmas dinner this year.


- Contains a wealth of quality desktop themes, icons, cursors, screensavers and wallpapers that are available for free download.

SpookySites Clipart

- An archive of free Halloween and horror-related images and graphical elements. Jazz up your Halloween invitations, social media graphics and website designs with these freakish free clipart items.

Christmas Crafts and Recipes

- Perfect for teachers looking for activities to keep their little ones busy in the lead up to Christmas, as well as for families who love to cook and craft together, this collection of Christmas crafts and tasty festive recipes is sure to please.
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