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Free Screensavers

Sure, your boss wishes that you would never have a chance to view your screensaver, but you know different. On those occasions when you are ducking off for a meeting - or simply dozing off in your ergonomic chair - don't settle for the standard waving Windows icon. Splash out and infuse your PC with a little personality by customising your choice of screensaver. The following screensavers and directories are all free to use, which makes it even easier to trial a few different looks.

Find Savers

- A handy search engine and directory dedicated to taking you directly to the Web's hottest screensavers, quickly! If you have an idea of the type of screensaver you'd like to download, this directory makes it simple and fast to track down the right file for you.


- Contains a wealth of quality Christmas screensavers, desktop themes, icons, cursors, WinAmp skins and wallpapers that are available for free download.

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