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Free Jokes & Humour

Never will you again need to be the one poor soul at that social engagement who can't snap off a few witty one-liners with ease.

Stock up on comic inspiration online, by checking out the range of joke collections, funny picture archives, hilarious videos and humorous stories that may be found below.

Aussie Jokes

- As part of its celebration of all things Aussie, the Australia Day website has compiled a collection of short and memorable Australian-themed jokes. These include witty one-liners, and a few knock-knock jokes that are sure to impress your audience on Australia Day, or any other time you're in a gathering with true-blue Aussies.

Christmas Jokes

- Published by an Australian fan of festive frivolity, this website contains a large collection of Christmas jokes that are perfect for sharing via email or social media. Each joke is written in text, but also presented as an easily-shareable graphic to add some life to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile this Christmas.

- A hilarious collection of Easter-related jokes, stories, songs and comical pictures.

Love Laughs

- Features a hilarious collection of jokes about love, relationships and the differences between men and women. These range from the frivolous, to the witty, and include a combination of short riddles, knock-knock jokes, longer stories and funny shareable images.

Oz Jokes

- A riotous categorised collection of jokes that have a distinctive Aussie flavour.

- Festive funnies for your enjoyment. Xmas Jokes is filled with with seasonal sillies and Christmas crack-ups.

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