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Free Clip Art and Graphics

Add a little colour and spice to your website, social media elements, multimedia presentation, desktop theme, avatar or word processing documents today, without shelling out for a disc of expensive commercial imagery. The resources below have made a range of original and public domain clipart images available for free use for personal (and occasionally commercial) purposes. Go on - get creative.

- One of the largest collections of free web-ready background graphics on the net, this archive contains dozens of free tiled backgrounds, for personal or commercial use.

- Features a huge collection of yuletide clipart, images, web graphical elements and even that may be added to your personal websites, cards and chrissie invitations at no cost. If it's free Christmas graphics that you need to jazz up your social media presence or emails, this site has them in abundance.

Halloween Graphics

- This site is provides an easy-to-access range of free Halloween images, for use on personal websites, social media accounts, invitation designs and the like. If you're looking to make a creepy impression ahead of Halloween, this site's range of web graphics and gifs, including cats, bats, witches, zombies, ghouls, backgrounds and the like, could be just what you need.

SpookySites Clipart

- It's creepy. It's cooky. You know the rest ;) A ghoulish range of free clipart and web graphics that include the common theme of being somewhat spooky.

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